Biological Experimentation Lab

Apr 2009

Not only is this recitation pointless since we learn the same material in lab right before we do the actual lab, the entire bio lab is a joke. People wonder if they can take bio as their second or even third lab and the answer is yes. This curriculum is really an insult to our intelligence and they baby you so much that lab is essentially easier than any high school lab I ever took. That said, if you are not a science person this is the lab for you. It is interesting enough, despite the repetition, and it is ridiculously easy. You do have to put some effort into it, especially for the midterm and final, but overall it's a really pointless lab. More specifically about Goldstein, she means well but she is really annoying. First of all she takes her class, and herself, way too seriously considering the class is such a joke. Second of all, she yells at the entire class if you leave in the middle of recitation, even though recitation is a clear waste of your time. Either go or don't. Don't leave in the middle, it just creates drama. I'd actually recommend going, bring other work though, just because then you don't have to study before each class since there's a short quiz at the beginning of each class. Goldstein is not a bad teacher, she just teaches boring material that's either way too easy or involves bigger concepts we don't know yet. And her voice is really annoying. Overall if the labs were better her recitation wouldn't be that bad.

Sep 2008

Well, where to start...? So, first semester she seemed fine except for her high-pitched, whiny voice that was painful to listen to...I would have advised you to not attend recitation saying it was a waste of time, UNTIL...second semester, people begin to get up in the middle of her lecture to leave for various reasons in which she screams at them about that this is a requirement. Like they already did not know. We are not children, they make their own decisions when leaving class early. Then came the vicious emails stating that she was implementing quizzies and certain things to get our attendance records. Most people still did not care. But in the end she knew what she was doing, a lot of people took a hit especially when at a cusp of a higher letter grade. Go to recitation, do other homework, go on facebook, apply for research and internship positions that matter more than her teaching ever will, sleep through it, and get your little brownie points. You will thank yourself in the end.

Aug 2007

This class is a joke. The recitations are worthless, and Goldstein couldn't keep a fly awake during her lectures. The lab manual is a work of art, the instructions are totally clear and amazing. Skip the recitation, ignore your lab instructor, but sleep with the lab manuals under your pillow. They'll get you through.

Jul 2006

I didn't actually have Jessica for my lab instructor, but she always gave the recitation to go over what would happen in lab that week. She's very enthusiastic and clearly quite intelligent. In fact, she would correct Professor Wallenfang, who taught the Molecular and Cellular Biology course associated with the lab, in almost every class on some matter or another. She's very clear about her expectations and the lab exams were straightforward and fair.

May 2006

If you are taking the 2000level bio lab...don't even bother going to recitations. You'll soon figure out why...the first day she started out by saying "This week in lab you will compare different organisms. Uhhh, what does compare mean?" WHAT. To make it fair the workload isn't that bad, especially in the fall. Spring semester can be a bit of a pain just because there's a few full length lab reports required, but very comprehesive and thorough guidelines are given out (a bit too comprehensive it seems at times) so just make sure to follow directions carefully and you'll probably get full credit or close to full credit on every assignment. I don't exactly hate this professor. She surely seems to care about her students and is genuinely engaged in the material she's teaching. However her lecture style needs VAST improvement. She's the only one I know who can make 50 minutes seem longer than those 2 hour lectures. So go ahead and take the 2000level bio with no fear...just save yourself time and sleep and don't go to recitation.

May 2006

Jessica Goldstein is a friendly, knowledgable professor who is interested in the material and student questions. Yes, lab recitation can be a pointless and uninteresting class but she makes it easy with handouts and detailed explinations.

Feb 2006

Dr. Goldstein rocks. Some people pick on her word pronunciation, but cut her some slack because she's got a PhD in developmental genetics or something equally impressive. She's also one of the only teachers that's ON YOUR SIDE. She's also a big part of the intro bio lab (i.e. GRADING and test-y stuff), she teaches a few lab sections each semester and best of all, she's a person who can actually TEACH! she's not that old either, so she's totally chilled out and reasonable. That being said, she does give a pretty comprehesive final, albeit straighforward and fair. Go for the Gold(stein), hehe.

May 2003

Dr. Poindexter definitely knows her stuff, and don't expect to get by by doing the minimum. Her labs are intensive and you need to make a concentrated effort to grasp the concepts. She's extremely smart and expects everyone to work their very hardest. Most people don't go to recitation because it's not exactly interesting, but it's crucial to a thorough understanding of the labs. The tests are killer. I did not get one short answer question right on the first midterm and still got a C+. The final's much easier, however.