Reacting to the Past

May 2018

Took Reacting to the Past with him- LOVED IT SO MUCH. This class was literally the highlight of my freshman year and I have never been in a class like it before. Our roles really take over our lives and sometimes things get personal but at the end of the day, it's an amazing experience. I'm a STEM major and this was super super fun. It definitely wasn't an easy workload compared to other Reacting classes- it actually seemed to be much more work. But, an A is possible! If you want to learn like you've never learned before, take this class with Carnes. He's fantastic and will change your experience in the classroom forever. However, you will need to speak in front of the class and embody your character well so if you aren't into public speaking or get super scared of talking in front of people, maybe the class isn't for you.

Feb 2012

Patricia Stokes is by far the most humane professor I have EVER had. It is rare to find a professor who will personally reach out to you if you have any difficulties in the class. I am a complete screw up when it comes to handing in assignments and she always sets up meetings with me to make sure my academic and personal life isn't crashing. You could go up to her an say that you suffer from the oedipus complex and she will be nonjudgmental, talk to you about it, and serve as your advisor when it comes to finding help. Not only is she a great teacher, she provides to be outstanding when it comes to supporting and caring for her students. I think this woman is amazing, and it only takes one individual meeting with her to have your eyes opened to the heart she has. I was lucky enough to have her as my professor twice so from experience I advise you to ***take her Reacting to the Past class ANDDDD her intro to Psych course***!!!! She focuses on keeping students engaged in material instead of dumping loads of irrelevant work on our plates. P Stokes u da best

Jan 2008

Professor Stokes is a great teacher and a great person. If you take a class with her, you will hopefully come to understand both of these facts, because she does not, under any circumstances, leave her personality out of the classroom--and that's what makes her classes so engaging! She brings 100% of her intelligence and energy to class, and expects her students to do the same. As a Reacting professor, she emphasizes student creativity within the games, encouraging students to come up with new solutions to historical problems. Also, her method of grading papers and class participation allows students to stop worrying about getting an A and really focus on learning the material and enjoying themselves, resulting in the achievement of an A anyway. I would recommend any class with Stokes, no exceptions.

Mar 2007

Professor Stokes is AMAZING. I wasn't too keen at first, but now I'm crazy about her! She is a really great teacher, very flexible, and so incredibly smart. Reacting is also a great class; I highly recommend it as a first-year seminar.

Dec 2006

Take this class! Gamemaster Laurie gets really into it and has so much fun teaching it. Reacting is the kind of class that the more you do for it, the more you get out of it. If you do all your readings, the class will be a lot more fun than if you have no idea what's going on... but you can probably get a good grade in it either way. Reacting was such a great relief from my other classes. While my friends were slaving away on their research papers for their seminars I was preparing fun speeches and having fun in class.

May 2006

This is a fun course, even if you're not into history. The speeches are fun and you really get into the characters and the game. Participate and make some effort on your speeches and you'll be fine.

Mar 2006

Great class if you are interested in history and not afraid to talk in front of the class. Laurie is a very sweet, enthusiastic woman who is eager to meet with her students outside of class as much as necessary.

Dec 2005

BEST CLASS EVER. Do not leave Columbia without taking this class. Carnes is quite amusing and the class is just brilliant, it will change your life and you will make joke.

Dec 2005

I absolutely loved having Gamemaster Laurie, as she calls herself, as my professor this semester. She got really into the games and advised us really well on how to play our roles. She was also a fair grader and my writing skills really improved. Only good things to say about this professor.

Jan 2005

Reacting to the Past is in general an interesting course. It's kind of fun, especially if you like public speaking. Prefessor Milnor was very enthusiastic, and she really seemed to enjoy the class. Her grading was very generous. By my calculations, making about three well-informed or provocative statements per class gets you an A in participation. The papers were all essentially creative writing exercises; you just write a speech from the point of view of your character. If you include a decent amount of quotes, you will get A's. I've heard Carnes, the other Reacting prof, is much harder. So, basically, reacting with Milnor was fun, and it was a really easy A.

Oct 2004

At first I was pissed that I wasn't put it Mark Carnes' reacting section, becasue I had heard such good things about him. On the first day of class, I started to feel really pessimistic about the class because Sloan was acting incredibly arrogant, acting as though we should all be in awe of the fact hat he had written the History SAT II. That being said, as the semester went on, things weren't bad at all. For the most part the teacher plays an extremely minimal role in the class - just sits in the back and lets the students play the games (that's the way the course was designed), so it really doesn't make a difference if you like him or not. Plus, he's turned out to be nicer than we all initially thought. He's pretty lenient with papers and such, but in terms of grading, it's hard to say, because I haven't gotten any grades back yet.

Jun 2004

This was my favortie class. Yes Professor Gill expects a lot out of her Reacting students. But, truth be told, the more you put into this calss the more you get out of it. She is a really great instructor for Reacting, generally finding a good balance between letting us go at it, and getting involved. She really tried to mix up the factions for the second game so that the "quiet people" would be able to work in different groups and perhaps be heard. It is a second semester Reacting course, which by nature demands public speaking, so it is not crazy that she expects real particapation. She does however approach the "louder people" as well, in hopes that they will allow the quiet people more room to get itn ot hte debate, which was generally very heated. She was very encouraging; less than an hour after I gave my first speech, I got an email about it, giving me a needed confidence boost. She truly cares about her students both in class and outside of class. We went ot her house for dinner and were there for hours. The more work you put into this class the better you will do and hte more you will learn. I know more about India than france, becuase i worked my butt off for the second game, and am glad i did. she said herself that"it is hard not to inflate grades in Reacting" so grading is not so frightening. But you do feel a responsibility (or should) to do the work so that you dont screw over otehr people in your faction. Professor Gill is great, as was her Reacting course. If you are going to take Reacting II take it with Gill.

May 2003

I got shafted into this class, it was my absolute last choice, but it actually was a lot of fun. Professor Stokes wasn't bound by the rules of the game or the class when she thought that they got in the way of the learning process. She was very approachable and understanding, also she was very receptive to comments and criticism about the format of the class itself. She is tech-savvy and sent very amusing emails containing hints, and strategies for the games themselves. I completely recommend taking reacting with her if you can at all, it was great fun, and not very difficult.