Community Building Seminar

Jan 2009

Prof. Abzug is smart, driven, and intense. That being said, I loved her class. The readings were manageable (some great, some bad), and she really expects you to participate. Don't try to BS anything because she'll rip you apart. And it will be funny. I learned a lot from Abzug and would recommend her class to anyone interested in urban policy/politics.

May 2006

Prof. Abzug is a solid professor. She's not the most amazing prof. anyone will have, but she's definitely above average. Community Building was a seminar, and she did a great job of keeping discussions lively and engaging for everyone. She was also good at letting people talk or not talk as they wished, while also encouraging wide participation. The readings could be a bit redundant and sometimes boring, but you don't need to do them all to keep your head in the game in class. There's not a whole lot else to say--Prof. Abzug was definitely understanding and willing to give extensions and that kind of stuff. I know some reviewers have lamented Prof. Abzug's eagerness to share stories from her work, which can sound a bit like name-dropping. To me, it never came off that way. Her work--outside of Columbia/Barnard--is as a community developer, and it always seemed to me that her stories were meant to illustrate the very real implications of the material we were covering.

May 2003

Prof Abzug is AWESOME! Not only are the papers manageable (one 3pg paper and one 15pg paper), but its actually a FUN class! Shes extremely knowledgeable. The weekly readings can be long at times, but you can skim it to get by.