African-American Literature

May 2015

Prof Blount is a lecturer. Expect class to be a rambling of his ideas of black male inferiority and the musings of a gendered racial historical narrative. Despite making up his own words and giving Woolf a run for her money in stream of consciousness rambling ad nauseum, Blount is on top of his game. He really cares about what he is talking about. He refuses to define sexuality. Blount integrated the Columbia English faculty on 1985 as the first black hire. He has a personal relationship with the authors we read (metaphorical and legitimate) and is eager to share with us his own experiences. If anything the syllabus is incredible. AA Lit II is the way to go for a class that's readings are actually worth reading. I wish he had graded our papers though, instead of the know it all TA. Not incredible, not horrible. Painless especially if taken for the GS lit requirement.

Jan 2000

Douglass is awesome; students really like her courses. She teaches this class in a very political way and has a very good perspective on race issues. She goes into a lot of post-colonial theory. The class only has student participation in discusson sections but the lectures are not boring.