Women and Culture Seminar and First Year English

Dec 2010

Not only did this course totally suck, but Professor Andersson is perhaps the worst "teacher" I have ever had in my entire life. Every day, more than 50% of the class she was on her iphone doing god knows what having us write the stupidest "close readings". If you hoped to learn something from this course or from her, don't bother because you wont learn a single thing. She won't tell you what she expects as a teacher and then will go to town on your paper demanding to know "how your argument changes our views as readers" wtf does that even mean? I don't know because she never told us. I can't even express how bad a teacher this woman is. I didn't learn a single thing and wasted so much time and effort. Don't take this class and don't take any class she teaches...unless you like being miserable.

May 2010

Professor Levin clearly enjoys what she teaches, and the effort she puts into the course shows. There are three papers for Women & Culture, and she collects ungraded first drafts on which she gives AMAZING feedback. She comments throughout the paper and gives about a paragraph of very constructive criticism at the end. The final project is also really fun and creative. Professor Levin will push you beyond your comfort zone a little bit, but she knows what she's doing. The class time itself is also really helpful, although I think it depends a lot on classmates as well. Professor Levin asks provocative questions, and facilitates very interesting discussions. A great class!

May 2003

I really enjoyed my year with Mary Cregan. She is sweet, very fair, and suprisingly liberal. She laughs at jokes and honestly seems to care about how her students are doing in the class. Your experience in class will depend on the other people in your class. If no one participates there can be awkward silences and it may become boring. However, on the whole she was a good professor. It was not an excessive amount of work and she is lenient with due dates and very helpful if you are having problems with your writing. Her class is very laid back and every once in awhile she will suprise you with a joke about sex or some other funny anecdote.