Ballet II

Feb 2019

I think Kathryn had a good class, she was very passionate about dance and really tried to make the class fun for the students, my only complaint about the class is the highest grade she will give is an A- unless she thinks you have demonstrated incredible work and talent in class. Not a huge deal but if you're looking for a class that will keep your 4.0 this aint it.

Aug 2018

I took this professor for Ballet II last semester, and she helped me grow a lot! Don't be afraid to ask her questions after class. She really helped me figure out how to use my body as efficiently and as comfortably as possible every time I had a problem.

Dec 2016

I absolutely loved her Ballet II class! Her Ballet II is considerably more difficult than her Ballet I class. However, she will tell you at the very beginning of the semester if you are not fit for the class. I really liked that she spends 2 weeks on each set of combinations, and that they gradually become harder as the class goes along. Since the combinations were not always new, I was able to focus on improving rather than just memorizing sequences. Her feedback is great. She can easily point things out that the class is struggling with, but she also gives great individualized feedback. Don't be afraid of being called out on individually! At first I felt embarrassed every time she would single me out, but she does it to basically everyone, and it really helped me improve. On top of all that, she is also very approachable and responsive to emails. Take her class!

Jun 2014

I had a great time in Kathy's class, and I plan on taking it again. Kathy was great at giving individual corrections. I found the atmosphere to be a little more tense/serious than Mary's class. This level 2 class felt slightly more challenging than Mary's, but I truly feel like I improved. She always starts exactly on time, so it's best if you get there a few minutes early. It sounds like she's gotten better at ending on time though because we never finished late. She's always happy to stay after class with you and give you corrections. She dyed her hair pink this semester, if that says anything. I think it takes a certain level of chill for a professor to do that.

Apr 2013

Run! Whatever you do, do not take this course. For starters Kathy does the same combinations for both Ballet II and Ballet III. Second, she has some social issues that make it rather difficult to enjoy ballet. Third, she takes her class very seriously and speaks to her students as if they are in kindergarten, telling them to "put their fun hats on!" If you are serious about ballet, avoid her. If you want to enjoy ballet, avoid her. If you want to have a fun dance class, avoid her.

Jan 2009

Tessa is a queen. She has fabulous technique and is (more importantly) very good at communicating that technique to her students. Excellent corrections - even when they're just directed at one student, they're almost always applicable to everyone. Challenging combinations - you definitely have to think - but you learn a TON and grow a lot as a dancer. I'm planning on taking her Ballet II again next semester - it's not a waste/a cop-out in any way. Love her personality - very sunny, encouraging, always has good, helpful suggestions. She's everything you want in a dance teacher.

May 2006

Tessa is amazing. She is extremely technically skiller herself, and a beautiful dancer. She is very good at giving very accurate comments to help everyone in the class improve technique and precision based on one person's action. Comments are never about one dancert specifically, but used for the entire class. Be warned - the class is not ballet 1.5, it's more like 2.5. I am going into my third semester in the class, and I still find her adagio and across the floor challenging. But no matter what level you are at, you will benefit from this class.

Apr 2004

After taking ballet for many years, I took Kathryn for Ballet II expecting an enjoyable and light class. Instead, I found that she is intolerant to other methods of training and an uninspiring professor. She likes to choose one person to pick on for the duration of a class or a few classes and is completely not helpful.

Oct 2003

Tessa is a great teacher and a very warm, friendly person. She creates a comfortable, totally non-stressful learning environment. Besides a basic emphasis on technique, Tessa really stresses movement and dancing in her class.

Sep 2003

sabrina is a ballet nazi. while she knows her stuff, and will probably improve your technique, she can be mean and unforgiving to anyone who hasn't taken ballet for their whole life. i took this class expecting a ballet level II, and instead was surprised to find that the vast majority of the people in the class were advanced and were just part of the sabrina fan club. she picks favorites and it makes me carsick watching her prized students kiss her bony ass. she wastes time by spending a good ten to fifteen minutes doing pilates warm-ups (which is valuable, but seems to be like something students should do outside of class, or in sabrina's pilates class, which she yells at people to come to everyday, after she has told them that they are weak, fat, and/or ab-less), and spends almost most of the class at the barre working on technique, with only five to ten mintues in the center. her class also usually runs ten mintues late, and she expects you to stay. i used to love ballet, and i can safely say that sabrina made me hate it. what a beeyatch. avoid her like the plague.

Jun 2003

Tessa is awesome!!!! She's inspirational. Unlike other ballet teachers I have had who focus solely on the technique, Tessa reminds her students to enjoy the movement. She also helps develop each student's technique and help them achieve their personal best.

May 2003

Tessa is amazing! She is very enthusiastic and it's obvious how much she enjoys what she's doing. Just be prepared for a LOT of center work and turns. Definitely worth it if you want to improve your technique and your turnout.

May 2003

Sabrina is the most dedicated teacher I have ever had. She TEACHES technique, giving innumerable exercises and explanations for how to use your muscles to achieve positions, rather than just telling you to get your butt under and your knees out. She will spend time with you outside of class adressing your structural limitations and how to overcome them. If you are injured, she will fix you and amaze you. If you really want to learn about your body and you want to learn what it means to do ballet, you must take her class.