Stars and Atoms

Apr 2021

One of the easier classes I've taken in college. I rarely went to lecture (the few times I did I encountered a professor who was always happy to repeat things more than once if people weren't getting it), and the home works were still doable if you know high school algebra. While I was super nervous about it as a liberal arts major, I chuckle to myself in retrospect. Weekly problem sets take about an hour or two. The midterm/final was exactly like doing a problem set, and he gave us a week to do each. I'll admit that I would have been more stressed out if I had to take it in person without the ability to google formulas. Midterm Mean -- 99 Final Mean -- 88 He's super sweet, interesting, and easy. This man deserves a gold star

Feb 2021

Ok I hate math, but this professor is the most painless science rec there is. Prof. Agueros is kind, smart, and engaging. He switches up the class to avoid straight lecturing. I am not doing super well in the class, and he can be kind of not tech-savvy (he loses recordings and the second half of the midterm), but he is super apologetic and accounted to fix it. Super present, engaging, kind. He also had his pronouns in his zoom name and is intentional about teaching about female scientists, which is super awesome and unexpected of a straight stem man. In terms of the course, there is a little math with a simple calculator, but it, at least for me, is an expansion on high school chem and physics so it is doable In short, wonderful professor, fine class. Not bad if you need to take a science.

Jan 2021

Paerels is the best. He's devoted to making sure that students actually learn and understand something and he's not out there trying to trick them and deduct points. All HWs and tests are very doable even with fragmentary knowledge of high school math.

May 2003

frits is my main man. for non-science majors who wanna hear about cool astronomy stuff, or math/science people who want and unbelievably easy A, i highly recomend frits's these classes. class is really fun, i went even though i didn't really have to. frits is a cool, guy, he tells you about his own research projects, which are really interesting, and is always eager to chitchat outside of class about astronomy or anything. he curved stuff so that it was impossible to get below a B, so even the people who weren't strong in science did well.