Logic and Rhetoric (pilot)

May 2003

Well, they say that the pilot is taking over next year. The first half of this semester was really quite great--much better than I had expected from L and R, having heard so many terrible things about it etc. and Ms. lane was really the cause of that. She chose for us four readings (out of the batch which the department suggests) all about education, which led to a very interesting series of discussions and paper workshops, as well as to great chances to explore really interesting ideas of our own in the essays. While I'm not crazy about the structure of the second half of the semester, with the whole 'research project thing' (which was sort of a farce...) Johanna did a great job keeping us moving ahead with our discussions and things. She's a lovely person, and a really great conversationalist. Readily available outside of class to discuss your papers, rough drafts, or feelings about the class in general. Unfortunately, I felt as though meeting with her was the only way that I could get her to really examine and help me with my writing. Her comments on the papers I got back were frequently quite minimal, and the general comments at the end often lacked real substance, substituting with her really general feelings about my writing. (ie 'your writing is too vague.') I wish she had put more time or at least more ink onto my pages. BUt, certainly it was a great class, and she's just a really nice person, which is important in an L and R teacher.