BC3082 Introduction to Social Theory

Jan 2021

I think of all the professors I have had at Columbia Marilyn stands at the top as the most pompous, arrogant, and unforgiving teachers at the school. Not only does she like to show just how little she cares for her students, but she also enjoys rubbing them in the mud when they don't reach her high expectations. Avoid this teacher at all costs.

Jan 2000

Fear this man's courses and run from him. In addition to having adamantly fought students in 1968, this man cannot pronounce a coherent sentence. Take this class if you like 1.5 hour ramblings with no thesis and no conclusion; even if you do like this, you'll be disappointed because you can't hear half of what he is saying. A wonderful example of the failure of the tenure process and its disregard of teaching abilities.

Jan 2000

The first day, Marwell seems pretty tough and mean, but that's generally to weed the weaklings out. Nevertheless, you'll never be able to shake the feeling that she's an angry/cynical person (or as one person said to me, a militant activist under self-restraint). No doubt this will come to mind as she grades class participation (15%) by calling on people randomly and putting questions to them. That aside, this is the most straightforward class I have ever taken--the readings hit you hard, but are really interesting (Marx, Durkheim, Weber, DuBois, and Gilman, plus examples of social theory articles). Likewise, the lectures are INCREDIBLY organized but only to go over the reading, though there's always a discussion waiting to happen. Grading is quite reasonable and fair. All in all, you'll end up quite acquaintted with the material.