Third Year Arabic

Feb 2017

Just don't take Ouijdane's class unless you're willing to suffer. I promise you 100% her gold nugget is a fluke. She is so disorganized and does not seem to understand the level her students can actually read at like . . . at all. She also doesn't seem understanding if you bring this up. I repeat, THIS GOLD NUGGET IS NOT REAL. THERE ARE MANY BETTER MESAAS PROFESSORS AND ARABIC LANGUAGE PROFESSORS. so basically take her class if you can't fit into any other time but be prepared for, like, extreme extreme extreme frustration when she grades inconsistently (and a lot of the time not at all), holds her students way more accountable than she holds herself, is unclear about expectations, and assigns a murderously impossible amount of reading on some days and, like, none on others.

Nov 2016

Ouijdane is terribly unorganized !! This class was unfortunately one of the painful classes I took at Columbia. We usually have a HW that would take 3 hours to finish in the middle of the week and sometimes no HW over the weekend, which can absolutely screw the students who have work for other classes. SHE IS A TERRIBLE PROFESSOR , DO NOT TAKE HER SECTION.

May 2016

The first issue is that the assignemnts are not given back on time. The professor takes weeks, and even months, to correct written assignments, preventing effective feedback. She is also not available when students ask to review their assignments and tests with her. Second, the Professor mostly caries out her class in English, rather than in Arabic -even when she is not speaking about grammar, which could be explainable for that case only. This is a major issue, as the course, which fosses on Litteral Arabic, is already not focusing on speaking. Third, the Professor skipper 6 classes this semester, for which she did not organize any make up class, and did not give more than a one hour notice when she was absent.

Oct 2010

Youssef Nouhi is an AMAZING teacher. He is so approachable and kind and understanding. He loves what he's doing and really cares about his students. The grade is not so important as whether or not you are learning the language, and he'll whatever he can to make it easier for you. I had Youssef for four consecutive semester, and only wish that I take his class again. Arabic can be pretty intimidating at Columbia, but Youssef takes away the scary factor without compromising on how much you get out of the class.