Behavioral biology of living primates

Apr 2007

Boring powerpoint lecture that is not made available to students. Annoying, but easy weekly quizzes. The class is simple, but there is much to memorize, and you need to be incredibly specific on exams. Don't waste money on the text, you will never need it. just take good notes, be able to answer all the questions on your review sheets and you will do well.

Apr 2007

She knows her stuff and is always willing to help a soul in need. She's bubbly and friendly, two surprisingly good qualities to find in a TA. She's just amazing. I personally like how she answers your question with another question and makes it seem like you are brilliant and were thinking it all along. "Hey, Mary, why do baboons have babies during the dry season." Response: "Well, they want to make sure their kids' weaning corresponds with the wet season, don't they???" Student's head nods rapidly and Mary says, "exactly!"

Jun 2003

A class where it is definitely possible to get an A if you put in a decent amount of time studying. The lectures are incredibly well organized, but not entirely necessary to go to since you can get pretty thorough class notes on her website. The tests require you to regurgitate information from the lectures. Don't stray too far or (gasp!) put it in your own words because you will probably be counted off. The TAs require very complete questions and love taking off because you neglected to include all possible answers. The readings are pretty worthless because there is usually only one or two questions over the readings on each test. I would recommend checking over your test both before turning it in and after the grades come back. The TAs screwed up calculating my total score on each of the three "midterms" (an error ranging from 3 to 11 points).

May 2003

All in all, I feel as though I learned a lot of information about primates in this class. Marina Cords' lectures were clear, structured, and informative. So were her lectures, although they ranged from interesting to somewhat painful, depending on the topic. Prof. Cords is a super-organized and dedicated teacher, but this is not an easy class because it requires a large amount of attention and memorization. In the long run though, if you are interested in physical anthropology (or even just really like monkeys) this is a rewarding course.