social change

Jan 2004

I really really enjoyed this class. I thought that he was very knowledgable and really tried to express the immense debate surrounding the subject while also letting us speculate on what he believed to be true. The course was very interesting in that sense and I enjoyed going to the lectures. However, the grading was done completely by the TAs and was very arbitrary. You can come to every class and get a B while someone who never showed up or did the reading gets an A for no particular reason

Jan 2004

do yourself a favor and do not take a course with this professor. his thick accent makes understanding him extremely difficult and makes his already extremely boring lectures even worse. although theory is his thing - its terrible. even if you like theory, the class is torture. he is neither charming or engaging as the last reviewer wrote. most of the class never showed up and those who did ususally left after the first 10 minutes. don't expect to learn much

Oct 2003

The below review is off base and ridiculous. Prof. Eyal is an amazing professor: he knows the field like the back of his hand and he always makes the class exciting. His accent is actually really, really charming, and he has a great sense of humor. He is a great prof to have and anyone who likes theory will like Gil Eyal.

May 2003

incomprehensible accent. easy A. doesn't believe in formal exams, he gave a take home midterm and a final paper. you don't need to go to class, and you don't need to learn anything for the A. so if you want to learn something and be motivated to do so, don't take a class with gil because he simply isn't interested in being interested. he stands in front of the class and spews out his views in his thick accent and no one knows what he is talking about, ever.