Intermediate Spanish I/II (1201-1202)

Apr 2014

Professora Mora is an excellent professor. This is my fourth semester of Spanish, and I have had her for the last two. She couldn't be more helpful, professional and kind. She never embarrasses students in class by putting them on the spot. Prof Mora does some correcting, but does not demand perfection when we speak in class, and the reduction of that anxiety for her students facilitates cognitive ability to learn- at least for me it does. There energy in class is positive. She has a sense of humor about life, and gives lessons tailored to areas in which the class is weak and needs extra instruction. Many students who had her last semester registered for her classes again this semester. Departmental suggestions: 1) Gramatica Básica is great, especially the humorous bits! 2) The Spanish text book is not great. 3) MSL needs to give more and better feed back for incorrect answers. 4) WIKI technology needs to be updated to the 21st century. 5) Grad students who are inexperienced teachers should not teach classes. Overall, excellent Spanish program, and I recommend Professora Mora.

Apr 2014

Professor Abraham is a nice person, but a poor teacher. His classes are mind numbing, and you will spend the entire time doing exercises out of gente (possibly the worst Spanish textbook ever made) or watching stupid videos. He also prepares you poorly for the midterm 1. Because you learn little-to-no Spanish in this class, and 2. Because he essentially refuses to tell you what's on it. If you value your time, don't take this class.

Nov 2013

I love Alma Mora! She is very accommodating, and wants everyone to do well. She has a good sense of humor and understands that most people in the class are not there by choice, but rather to fulfill a requirement. She does a lot of partner work and work in small groups, which helps students to get more practicing in. She will go over anything twice so long as you ask. The only negative thing I have to say is that she goes over the homework very briefly towards the end of class in spanish, so its sometimes hard to understand. This can be frustrating, but if you shoot her an email, she will get back to you that same day.

Jan 2013

He is a very nice person, but absolutely unable to teach a class. Granted he was new this semester, but Professor Abraham does not have a grasp on department expectations or what students need to do well on the department-wide Spanish mid-term or final exams. His classes are a waste of time. He spends much of his time in class messing with the computer, speaking in English, and talking about how disorganized everything is and how it's not his fault. Avoid his section if you are serious about doing well on the exams!

Nov 2009

If you have a passion for learning spanish, don't take her class. Her classes are mildly interesting at best, and that is on a rare occasion. The most interesting thing were the movies for the Mesa Redondas (discussions led by students based on a movie). The class dynamic is awkward, her homework and assignments feel like busy work and I really was disinterested and unmotivated to attend this class. She loves the online activities which are never reviewed in class which leads me to another issue; her classes rarely related to the tests. Most of the studying is done independently. But the sacrifice of class time for reviewing relevant topics is not put to good use. I really was unhappy in this class.

May 2003

Personally, I loved Professor Aguilar. It's absolutely true that if you get on her bad side, the class if over for you. BUT, if you show that you're willing to put in the work to do well, there's not a friendlier teacher in the school. She holds office hours almost every day, and will help you with your conversation, your writing, and even your tests if you ask her. She has very little patience for people who do poorly and then say, "I just don't get Spanish, I'm not good at it," so if you're the kind of person who's looking to coast, stay away. But if you want to learn the language, and are looking for a teacher who will make you do it, Professor Aguilar is the one. Overall, it's a matter of personal taste; if you get her to like you, it'll be a fantastic class for you.