History of Dance II: Renaissance to the Present

May 2003

where do i even begin? i hated this course. it has nothing to do with the professor though, because i do think she is a very nice woman. yet, to be considered a good professor you have to be much more than nice. she wasnt helpful during her office hours, played favorites, had biases, and could not condense the material to a manageable level for her class. i truly felt like she graded not on the quality of the work but on how much she liked a student. i often thought she didnt even read our exams but just slapped on a grade. do not take this class unless you are a dance major and RUN from this woman. i did not learn anything i did not already know in this class. also, she rips your papers apart and then tells you that you cannot write. yep, she told me that i needed to work intensly on my writing--and im a published author.