Quality Control and Management

Jul 2012

It's a shame this man retired. I learnt a lot in his course. The subject matter is very applicable to all forms of the service industry. I feel as though this is an important exposure class. A lot of information is given to you and you can do with it what you wish. He is really concerned with everyone walking out without any questions at the end of the say. You are able to understand the material, because Latzko is a true expert. He is the modern day Walter Shewart. He is undoubtably one of my favourite professors in IEOR.

May 2003

This is a great class because it covers so many interesting topics. Eck brings in lecturers who will keep you awake. When the professor attends class (he travels a lot with work), he is very well prepared and delivers well. The grading is very tough-he believes in a true curve and will lower your grade if the class average is too high. So, really good class but expect to work hard for your grade...