statistical reasoning

Feb 2012

Apparently I'm the only one who isn't a fan. This is not a math class. Don't mistake it for one. All I want to clarify is that the whole mess about problem sets not being long? FALSE. I'm on hour 4 of the problem set, which is due tomorrow, and I'm not even halfway done. I go to class, but we don't go over the material much. We just talk about bogus studies and why they are bogus. I very much regret taking this class. Take stat without calc. Nice guy--and cute--but the only reason I go to lecture is because we have these godawful $40 clickers that he uses to take attendance. They're frustrating. He sends an email saying you don't have to attend, but attendance is still a part of your grade. Logical? Oh also the book is a piece of poop. Maybe the class will get better? Who knows. Updates to come at the end of the semester.

Jun 2003

Ok, I took this class in order to avoid taking regular stat 1111, what a mistake. The lectures were totally disorganized and the homework assignments never coordinated with what we learned in class. The professor is a nice guy but he not only has problems with English but also with adding and subtracting numbers, which makes sitting through lecture that much more frustrating and painful since the professor makes so many mistakes that you are no longer sure who is the one teaching the class. 95% of the time I was beyond lost, but somehow I did well on the midterm and final and got an A in the class. The weekly review session with the TA was the only way to get homework done and get a good grade on them. Because of the total chaos and the fact that your grade is composed of so many factors it is possible to get a good grade.