Preparation for College Chemistry

Nov 2009

Despite Dr. Avila's nice personality, this class was a total waste of time and money. It started when I emailed the professor about the book months ahead of time. He never got back to me so I was forced to buy a brand new book in the CU book store. HW assignments were intensive but were not reinforced by lecture. Dr. Avila was more interested in the historical perspective rather than defining terms and concepts before expecting the student to apply them. Another downside is that Avila was difficult to understand (language barrier). The TA was ok and brought us closer to understanding the concepts in the book but would sometimes get frustrated if you didn't get it. In hindsight, I should have paid the $3000 to my girlfriend who has a Phd in Organic Chem to teach me. As a matter of fact, I took the course she teaches at home (sans lecture) in the summer before I entered Gen. Chem this semester and it's been of way greater help than Avila's course.

Jul 2003

Excellent! This man is a very well meaning person who cares about his students. Although the material was presented quickly and his lectures seemed a bit rushed, he still made it a point to help all of the students understand the material. He is accesible and compassionate. As mentioned before, he could benefit from a bit more organization, and a better TA, but that's not his fault. He truly cares!