Dec 2012

I know you will probably get many similar comments (considering I have read this over and over again on CULPA)....but I feel the need to express my concern for Dr. M's lack of compassion for her students. She is aware that I have a learning disability and says to me "Some people just aren't meant for medicine".... She followed this by saying maybe I should look into philosophy or something like that.... even though she has no idea of my other grades or reason for studying neuroscience.luckily I am a G.S student and can handle that type of discriminatory and negative feedback. I still left her office utterly dejected and questioning my entire purpose at this school and that maybe I shouldn't have come here, what I'm doing with my life ect. I have taken BIO 1 at another university and received an A...her response: "That's like telling your French teacher that you've already taken Spanish". So she is aware that her course is like no other intro bio class... and I would hope that she could realize that maybe her class isn't the 'end all be all' say in whether or not a student is fit more studying science? Since meeting with her, my zeal and love for biology has diminished greatly. I wish her words didn't cause this, and as much as I want to say "I'll show you"... and am saying "yeah...maybe she is right. I have a serve learning disability, and am probably too handicapped to continue is pursuit of a science degree. I thought about reporting this to the department head, but after seeing so many similar stories on CULPA, I assumed it was not worthwhile because things will not change. She is a wonderful and creative teacher. Yet even though she is the advisor for G.S neuroscience, I will not dare go and meet with her for advice on classes or research, and numerous other students feel the same way. I doubt that she is intentionally sadistic.... but it sure feels/looks that way. If I could choose again which university to transfer to, this experience with her is enough to make me regret every coming here. To the extent that I even emailed Georgetown and University of Michigan inquiring as to whether I can still accept my position there. The average median for each exam is usually a 63-65. This is in no way good enough to get into medical school or grad school in general. 1/2 the class is failing? End of semester survey

Aug 2003

I had Jim for my second semester of Bio. His lectures cover material not present in the text so attending lectures is a must if you care about your GPA. Overall he is an average lecturer. I wouldn't take a class just because he was teaching it but I also wouldn't run in the opposite direction.