Dance History

Sep 2013

Lynn is a wonderful asset to the dance department and for anybody with the slightest interest in dance, she is THE person to study with. She is knowledgeable and extremely accessible. I do not understand how she finds the time to prepare for class in the manner she does. She spends absolute ages reading and editing everything we write and is always willing to meet with students outside of class/office hours. If you show any interest in the subject and that you take your work seriously, she can be the most wonderful teacher at the university. Yes, is you are lazy and cannot write, she will tell you so. But if you want to improve your writing and critical thinking there is no better person with whom to work.

Aug 2003

The Columbia community is very fortunate to have Lynn working with its students. Yes, she expects a lot, but she gives even more. She is able to answer any question you may have, and if she has an extra ticket to a performance, it is not uncommon for her to invite one of her very dedicated students. I would strongly reccomend any of her classes to both dancers and non-dancers.