Michelangelo and Mannerism

Apr 2006

A class with Lynn Catterson is one of those experiences that you rave about for your entire Columbia career. Teaching a class on one of the Italian Renaissance's stars is by no means easy, even for Lynn who, as of late, has become a star herself in the field after some major research regarding Michelangelo's potentially dubious works (who would've thought him a forger?!). Yet each class is focused, rich with detailed information and examples and provides a clear understanding of several works and/or a time period -- and all of this is presented in an invigorating and exciting manner. In a wave, Lynn weaves a story that covers the evolution of Italian Renaissance Art, each time adding more characters, more works and more plot lines; you leave the room enlightened by her engaging talks and eager to learn what happens next in Renaissance Tuscany and Rome! But things don't stop after the 3-hour class (summer session, don't forget!). Lynn is ALWAYS in her office waiting to speak with students for hours on end, whether regarding their personal research, her opinions on work, or even favorite destinations and restaurants in Italy! She'll come in early and stay late to ensure that every studentÂ’s needs are fully met. And then thereÂ’s the special treat: Lynn invites you to her home at the beginning of the session for an amazingly fantastic and filling home-cooked dinner. The dinner creates a wonderful atmosphere between professor and student that lasts the entire semester, and oftentimes, even longer! Taking a class with Lynn Catterson is an experience not to be missed as she is truly on of ColumbiaÂ’s finest and talented professors. You will never regret it.

Sep 2005

Prof. Catterson will change your life and the way you look at the world around you. I first took her class last year and not only have I know become an art history major, I am also planning on applying for the PhD. She is dynamic, intelligent, caring and generous. She deserves an A+ as a scholar, a teacher, and a human being! Hurray for Prof. Catterson!!!!!

Aug 2005

Professor Catterson offers that rare combination of qualities that every student dreams of finding in an instructor. She is a brillant scholar engaged in an exciting new theory about the work of Michelangelo. She is a captivating lecturer able to sustain the attention of a large class during the long three hour summer sessions. Most importantly, though, she loves to "teach." She lavishes attention on each student individually during her very generous office hours. Not only does she encourage and welcome students to visit her repeatedly for personal guidance on their research projects but she even offers students continual access to her through her cell phone. Professor Catterson demands high standards of her class, but with her great attention to the student, her demands are not unrealistic. She is an exceptional member of the faculty and I give her the very highest recommendation.

Aug 2003

Lynn really is a great teacher. This was my first art history class and I had no idea what to expect, but she makes it very easy to understand and has a very laid-back, engaging attitude when teaching the class. The majority of our class time was spent looking at slides, but she was able to make it easy to follow and fascinating for us. There were no tests or quizzes, just a half hour group presentation on articles that she handed out to us, and a 8-10 page final paper due on the last day of class. But one thing that I really thought was great was the fact that she didn't care whether you gave the final paper in after class was over, or even a few days late, just as long as you put as much effort as you could to write the best paper possible. It was also lots of fun when she invited us to her apartment for a dinner party the last week of class. I certainly learned a lot about art in this class which I will for sure use in the future.