Michelangelo, DaVinci, Raphael

Aug 2003

THE BEST!!!! She is an intellectual dynamo. You cannot help but be carried along and inspired by her enthusiasm. She is the reason I am going to Florence at Christmas. Professors/instructors in other areas should watch and learn from her.

Dec 2002

This class was wonderful. If all classes were like this one, I would be a professional student. Professor Catterson is an exceptional teacher and has reinforced my decision to be an art history major. Yes, she has a profound knowledge of art history, and yes, her enthusiasm is contagious (as well as her work ethic). Her lectures are thought provoking and anything but limited by textbook material, and her style is casual but professional. In this class, her energy was so contagious- each class was lively and full of discussion. Restoration discussions were particularly fascinating. If you want to sharpen your research skills, and have fun doing it, take a class with Professor Catterson. She will plant the seed of curiosity in your mind, plus, when you run down to Avery to begin the research that you are so deeply inspired to begin (like I did), she will not abandon you and, in fact, will continue to ‘intuitively’ point you in the right direction. Be prepared when you go to her with questions…She will throw information at you quicker than you can write it down.

Nov 2002

this is the second summer that i have taken a class with professor catterson, and once again i have been amazed. i am honestly taking a lighter load in the spring, just to take another class with her before i graduate. it may sound as though my enthusiasm borders on fanatical, but at this point catterson has developed an undergraduate cult following. given that she is only a summer session professor (does the department read the course evaluations? ), some of us have pushed to do independent projects with her over the year. aside from being absurdly knowledgeable about renaissance art, catterson is a great professor. she is incredibly inspiring (all non-art history majors tend to convert after taking her class, myself included). i could go on forever, but i urge all students reading this to take any class she offers. it is so worth it!