Sociology of Mass Media and Popular Culture

Jan 2004

Olick is an intelligent, witty and energetic lecturer. Between the interesting subject matter and his own style, including some funny annecdotes, you will never be bored in this class. Of course, this may also be due to the fact that you will be frantically scribbling notes for the entire hour and a quarter. For me, this did not at all detract from my enjoyment of the class, and i would reccomend it almost unreservedly to anyone. As a bonus, it is obvious that despite the fact that he teaches the class repeatedly, he isn't bored either. Some advice: First, while he may seem like a hardcase at times, he does make exceptions if you give him a really good reason. Second, trust his structure and the topics in the syllabus, take REALLY good, fast notes (learn shorthand?) and cross reference them, and go to the review sessions, and you are golden.

Jan 2004

This is one of those classes where you'll learn a lot, but not from readings. Olick really has a lot of interesting things to say, and if you put in a little effort, the class has a logical flow with well-drawn conclusions. You're not going to get a whole new world view from this class, but it is an interesting Sociology elective.

Sep 2003

I don't really feel like reviewing the class; plenty of people before me have done it. I just have these words of advice for the midterm and the final. The first section of the midterm is IDs. In class he will claim that you can answer the IDs in a few lines and that is enough. Well, it simply isn't. There's no length limit on the IDs as I realized when I received my grade and saw my answers and other people's answers. You have to write as much as you possibly can about the term to get full credit. Luckily my mediocre grade on the midterm did not screw my final grade, as on the final I wrote between 3/4 of a page and a full page for each ID. Yes, it took me longer than most people to take the final, but after getting a B on the midterm I ended up with an A- in the class (I also got an A on the paper).