Culture, Mental Health, and Clinical Practice

Aug 2003

The class was well organized and the reading was usually really interesting. Seeley has a gentle manner and seems quite friendly if a little reserved. However the class was seminar style but Seeley would spend most of the class giving back ground on the reading essentially telling us what it was about, which made reading unnecessary and also killed most opportunity for discussion since she spent so much time talking. Part of the reason discussion in the class might have failed so horribly was that it was at 9am, the class was small and in my opinion half of the kids in the class were really boring and the other half had no idea what the reading was let alone what it was about. Bottom line you will end up learning something no matter how little work you do. If you can write coherent big papers, actually do the reading, and don't mind being bored occasionally, you can do well and actually learn something too.