SPAN, X3143 Literature of Spanish Carribean

May 2004

Professor Riobo is a wonderful professor who leaves you feeling like you learned a great deal about the history of the Caribbean along with the rest of the world in his Lit. of the SP. Caribbean class. The literature focuses a great deal on Cuba and then on the Dominican REpublic and Puerto Rico with a touch of some South American literature, and is great if you would like to learn more about the countries. He is very open to participation and is a fair grader, if you have your sh*t together, you'll get a decent grade. Once comfortable with the class he makes jokes and is overall very welcoming and friendly during office hours. I strongly recommend this class for anyone who can handle taking a literature class in Spanish.

Sep 2003

I don't know how the class was for the person who wrote before me, but I personally absolutely hate Fiol-Matta. First of all, in my opinion, she picks favorites whom she allows everything and to whom she mostly talks. So if you are in her favorites, great for you. If not, you probably should be out of the class. I must admit she is very educated women, knows her stuff and plans her classes well. However, Fiol-Matta is extremely biased. She only hears what she wants to hear and cannot stand the sign of divergence. If your opinion on literature happens to not entirely coincide with hers, you are WRONG. (When that happens on the essays or exams, of course, it's worse.) Her choice of the literature may be rather weird.