Elementary I

Nov 2010

Blumberg is the best. I strongly encourage you to take her class if you do not have a background in Spanish. She is easily approachable and really wants to see you succeed in her class. She has office hours but is always willing to schedule a time to meet with you after class. I really think my experience in her class had made me enjoy Spanish. She has a way of knowing if you have been doing your homework and she makes it clear when she thinks you haven't been pulling your weight. I like that though because it forces me to get my work for her class done. It is almost like she is your little old grandma and you don't want to disappoint her.

Apr 2008

Steve Baker is one of my favorite people in the world --- forget about professors. He is very enthusiastic and funny. He is a great teacher! Take his section!

Jan 2007

Marissa is kind, energetic and makes learning spanish enjoyable. i´ve never seen a professor work harder to keep classes varied and entertaining. almost weekly she involved the whole class in a game that focused either in current grammar or vocabulary. she´s strict about make up quizzes and tests, unless you have a valid excuse, in which case she´s very accomodating. take her, you will learn a lot and look forward to attending class.

Nov 2006

This lady is probably the best teacher you'll ever have for Elementary I. Basically, she spoond feeds everyone and usually is really flexible about things. Shes a overall a nice teacher, however she gets kind of annoying at times, making the class sing songs like we're in 2nd grade. I mean if you take elementary spanish you should automatically be getting an A because the class is so easy but with Blumberg its probably a guaranteed A as long as you do the work.

Sep 2003

I totally dissagre with the previous reviewer's negative comments. Ernesto know's that if a student can't conjugate verbs on demand, they can't speak the language. It seemed like everyday we had a conjugation quiz, so we were forced to know them and use them automatically. Yes it was a pain in the arse, but it certainly helped me. Ernesto understands the nuts and bolts of language, whether it be Spanish, Portugese, or English (better than most native English speakers. Ernesto helped me remember what the Jesuits were trying to teach me during English class.) Ernesto's knowledge about many interesting things run deep. Medieval Architecture, European History, Religion, and English Literature (Dylan Thomas, Bob Dylan too!) I remember at time when he was frustrated with some in the class who chose to write their reports on advertising on Beer Commercials, Football, and Cosmetics. And I quote him "You people have a wonderful language, a beautiful language with many of the worlds greatest writers. I hope you will one day use to its full potential instead of just the personals and sports section." No one gets an easy ride in Ernesto's class, and he'll embarrass the hell out of you if you don't know what the #$%@ is going on. If you study hard, work on your pronunciation, and show up for class, you'll be generously compensated for your effort.