Elementary Spanish

May 2009

I agree with the first reviewer: she is a really nice person, but not that great at explaining the material. Make sure you study EVERYTHING in the book, because there was grammar that we never went over in class that was on the test. However, I disagree that she was a hard grader. As long as you put a decent amount of effort in, you'll get an A (including on the compositions). I would take her class again if I had to do it over because she's fair and the some of the exercises she came up with were really fun and creative. That being said, I don't think teaching is her passion. You know those teachers who are so enthusiastic and love what they're teaching so much that its infectious? Well, she's not one of those. But she does like it enough to impart a decent amount of knowledge with minimal pain.

Oct 2007

More fun than you can possibly expect at 8am. You will learn Spanish in her class, whether you like it or not.

Apr 2007

Avoid Guada. Especially for Elementary I. If you have no knowledge at all of Spanish language (which youre not supposed to have if you're in Elem I) than you will not necessarily struggle but her classes will require alot of work on your part while she offers little help or clarity. Her assignments are ambiguous and the degree of difficulty of her tests range from extremely easy to near impossible, and it is impossible to predict what kind you will get. The bottom line is, when a teacher puts absolutely nothing into a class the students are going to get absolutely nothing out of it. Guada is generally nice, so if you are one of the many who decide to take an elem I course in Spanish when youve taken years of spanish before (never understood that but everyone does it! wtf?) go ahead sit back and relax, otherwise avoid her.

Aug 2006

What can I say about Anabela? Her teaching tactics are beyond explanation, you have to register for her class to get a feel for what I am about to say. Anabela is the greatest professor to have taught me during my time here in Columbia. She is nice, friendly, understanding, Sympathetic, wonderful, and most important of all, she shows genuine interest in seeing that ALL her students understand and learn the Spanish language. At Columbia, there are three kinds of professor, those who care for their student's interest and academic goals and those who really really do care. The third kind are those who really, really, extremely do not give a darn. Anabela is one of those professors whose students are likely to come back years later to say "thank you" to (or just to say hi to). She is one of those professors who really really really care that her students learn the Spanish language in a nice, relaxed, enjoyable and happy environment. In Anabela's class, there is no pressure. None whatsoever. I recommend that you take her class. Ella es simpatico, adoranar, bueno y bello. This class is not about the grade (A high grade is definitely assured), it's about the "Love of the learning experience" whatever that means -- I leave up to you to find out.

Dec 2003

You will learn little because he thinks we all speak spanish fluently already. If he slowed down he would be really good. As a person, and a grader , he is a really awsome person. but you will pay in the long run when you get to spanish two.

Sep 2003

This man DOES have a heavy accent. He seems to assume that everyone has taken Spanish once before his clas, so he freely uses expressions and vocabulary familiar to only a native speaker's ear. If it weren't for the accent, one could attempt to study just the text and supplement readings with his class lectures and activities, but since his speaks so quickly, it's hard to recognize what he's saying. I began the first class having had NO espanol background, and even a girl next to me (who had taken a course before) said "If you haven't taken Spanish I before there's no way you can understand all this." Okay, so if you read a LOT and memorize a LOT, perhaps you can pull this course off. But if you have at LEAST one more class to worry about, think seriously about this guy.