V3225 Sociology of Education

Dec 2013

Sharpe's teaching style is a standard lecture. She basically has a PowerPoint and talks about the readings. However, this class is also discussion-based, so she will elicit answers and responses from students about the readings. Personally, I found the class and subject material interesting. However, even if you are not studying sociology or education (or both), you can still succeed in the class. Furthermore, the concepts you learn in class are quite eye-opening and will probably explain a lot with regards to your schooling experiences.

Jan 2000

Probably will be a big lecture, but she makes time for discussion, and if you're not shy, it's easy to get in an opinion. She doesn't mind being interrupted with questions as do some professors, which is nice. The material is spread out, and some may say spread thin, but I think for a survey course it does justice to the major topics...especially the sickly state of many public schools in non-suburban, non-white districts. It pays a lot of attention to inequalities and performance disparities. Lectures are on target. Neckerman is knowledgeable and capable professor.