Political Thought

Dec 2004

Excellent Class. Highly Recommended. Lectures are clear, organized, engaging and enjoyable. Exams are reasonable. The professor is witty and has a great sense of humor... you'll find yourself laughing out loud.. and looking forward to political thought! Colby promises at the beginning of the semester that you'll love political science.. He puts his heart and soul into the class and his lectures show for it.. by the end of the semester, believe it or not, you just can't help but love the class. It's that good-- so take it!!

Dec 2003

If you want to learn political theory this is the class to take. You will walk away with an extensive knoledge of at least ten of the Thirteen Thoeist Adam covers. you will be reading a ton of material, and there is one midterm in class, and one take home final, plus a paper(4-5pages). Adam is really a great professor. The work is hard but because of Adam's awesom teaching ability it will seem far from it. Plain and simple: work hard and learn more then you will in most class, and maybe even get an A-(:. Slack off and like any other class at CU you will pay the price. Hands down Adam is one of the finest professors at Columbia.

Oct 2003

Adam Branch is truly the most arrogant person I have ever met in my life. He is a decent lecturer though. He claims to allow re-writes for better grades; don't believe this. The two women who wrote the reviews above, who were enamored by him, believed his "re-write" fabrications and wrote stellar reviews of him. After he saw those, he screwed everyone. Ask around and you will see that this story is true.