V1205 Evaluation of Evidence

Jan 2000

Probably the most likable and sharpest guy in the department for the things he's interested in. The class does not have traditional assignments. It's all based on collecting, manipulating, and digesting social science data. Lectures are fun and engaging, but suck if no one gets a fire lit under them. He's no BS-er, so come serious, even if not "prepared" for any session's reading; if you are truly interested in the material (which is interesting...lectures span on tangible topics in a student's life, like dating, and I dare say, probably in bad taste in light of the past year or two, suicide), then it will show, and that's what he really cares about. Some professors are picky about the material, and stodgy when it comes to idea generation. But Bearman is a versatile and open thinker. Some may not be prepared for anything other than orthodox lecturing approaches; others will eat it up. Intellectual adventures, welcome.