modern jewish thought

Mar 2006

I'd say this class was an easy A except that I didn't get an A. I went throught the entire semester in a little bit of a daze wondering what the point was and when we would start the actual material. I learned absolutely nothing which is a shame because I went to every single class and read every single book (in its entirety! because that's how much was assigned- a dense book a week). I'm not sure what the repercussions would have been had I not gone, not read, not volunteered. Honestly I don't care. I never even picked up my paper to find out how I did. The class was a waste of time. Kind of a shame, because Schorsch is a really nice guy and "Modern Jewish Thought" is a really rich subject.

Nov 2003

this class is probably the most boring class i have ever taken! schorsch just goes on talking for the entire class without coming up for breath- or to even think about what he is saying. He does not care to answer questions, pretends to be open to them but then goes off on his own tangents. the only good part about the class is the easy work load