Robin 101

Mar 2012

THIS IS DOCTOR X SAYING PROFESSOR MOSBY IS A GREAT PROF. AND REALLY COOL GUY. ALTHOUGH WESLEYAN IS A PRETTY COOL SCHOOL TOO. I THINK GETTING RID OF THE ARCADIAN WAS DEFINITELY A GOOD THING, HAD TO GO! Also, don't mind Barney cause he's just an idiot, whatever you do don't give him your number! oh and if you go to Wesleyan and your in orion hall your pretty lucky!!! oh and if you ever meet robin, seriously count how many times she say's "Like, um" DOCTOR X OUT...

Nov 2009

This is Professor Mosby's other class that he teaches besides the Introduction in Architecture class. The class is really difficult due to its size and the one other student in the class who throws off the curve. The few others students in the class seem to fall asleep very often, as the class is offered only at an extremely late hour. Unlike Mosby's architecture class, he is extremely knowledgeable about the subject. He likes to work powerpoint slides and pictures into his lectures, so even if you don't pay attention the his voice or what he's saying, the slides seem to show most of the material. The material isn't too challenging. It's important to study hockey, guns, and emperor penguins, as they are the main topics in the class. It's also important to note learning about topics that Robin Mosby warns against, like youtube videos of animals playing musical instruments. Overall, the class is pretty easy. A few difficult topics, and Mosby curves the class which will hurt most people as the size of the class is small. He definitely knows what he's talking about, and you truly learn about Robin Scherbatsky .