Contemporary American Fiction Seminar

Nov 2003

Rachel Adams means well. While she may be an intelligent and thoughtful intellectual, she is not a brilliant teacher. Her class tends to attract smart and motivated, if a little too vocal, group, but Ms. Adams holds tightly onto the flow of the conversation. Every point in discussions must be made in thesis form (this is after you raise your hand and wait your turn) and directed to her to be accepted into the discussion, and then, 95% of the time you can expect her to blink at you and move on. She is one of the most negative teachers I have had at Columbia (A quote is "I don't think that is is that uncomplicated." How many negatives do you need in a sentence?). I have faith in her intelligence (she wrote a cool book on freaks), but the seminar table does not bring out her strengths. Basically the reading list is what makes the class worthwhile.