Literature of the Andes

Apr 2012

What a cool course! I walked into class, finding myself having passed out of Spanish but not being a native speaker, and being surrounded entirely by Barnard native speakers. I thought the course would be daunting, but Professor Mac Adam's clear speaking style, interesting (if not sometimes dry) lectures, and explanations of the books we read made the class enjoyable and far less difficult than originally anticipated. It was also a good challenge for my Spanish-speaking skills.

Nov 2003

MacAdam is personable and his classroom environment is pretty laid back. His lectures can indeed get a little dull when he decides to trace the travel patterns of each author, or when he discusses an author's personal history while carefully avoiding references to history on a larger scale. However, the reading, if you decide to do it, is interesting and includes a good range of texts, from ridiculous avant-garde poetry to boom-era novels. And, as everyone has previously said, the reading is entirely optional. Prof MacAdam intertwines plot summary with his analysis, and his essays can be written using only passages cited in class. Basically, if you attend lecture, you can coast through the class without doing much work at all.