African-American Poetry

Nov 2003

I agree with the prior stipulations that Prof. Blount speaks EXTREMELY slow, using language that is overdone and gratuitous. Regardless, I do believe that the positive points of the class far outweigh the negative ones. First of all, the reading load is soooo light...he may give you 157 pages for two nights, but he'll tell you the 3 poems that we will actually talk about in class...and you don't even have to read that, because you read everything over and aloud in class anyway. He poses interesting questions about the text, and allows the class to come to their own conclusions about whether or not the poems are even worth reading...which is more than I can say for a lot of other professors here. The syllabus is amazing...Hughes, Lorde, Hayden, Brooks, etc. Take the class - its practically no work, and the material is interesting enough to hold you for 3 hours a week. Plus, he's a nice guy.