Exploring Dance

Dec 2003

I thought this course, as well as the professor, was great. I had practically no experience in dance, and I took a lot from this course. However, I also think that if I had had some experience I could have taken even more, so it's a great course for beginners and advanced students alike. This class is a lot smaller than her Dance in New York class (11 students compared to 35), so I didn't notice any of the "playing favorites" which pervades her other reviews. Lynn is extremely knowledgeable in her field, and I thought that made her very interesting to listen to when she went off on tangents. I guess I can see the other reviewers point of view; if you don't have a strong interest in dance, Garafola might not be a good professor for you. Not that you won't gain anything, but she teaches as if all her listerners are dance majors, so if you're not, you (like me) might not understand what she is talking about half the time. But that didn't keep me from learning a lot from her and the course, so I fully recommend her. As a side note, I think it's true what they say about culpa: it's mostly only those who had strong feelings about the class posting reviews. So Garafola may not be great for everybody, but she is definitely not as bad as most of these reviews make her out to be.