Americas I

May 2014

I am so grateful that I had Professor Mehta for my first-year English course. SHE IS AMAZING!!! She single-handedly gave me the "small liberal arts school" experience that made me choose to attend Barnard. She works one-on-one with each student, and is interested in their lives outside of class. I found that I spent extra time on her class because I knew that she would give me specific feedback on even my best work, so the more I put in, the more I would get out. I decided to take her class for my first-year Seminar, and again, found it incredibly rewarding.

Dec 2003

while the class was tedious, it's hard to say whether it was Prof. Mehta's fault or not: the first year english syllabus that she had no control in designing really sucks. also, it was a 9:10 class, so no one wanted to participate. Prof. Mehta is extremeley understanding: very flexible paper deadlines, always available to meet and help, always understanding if you're running behind. she's also happy to get rewrites, and her grading isn't easy, but it's always fair, with room for improvement. she's a good editor and a great resource if you really want to improve your writing or your grades. always available. i thought she was just a really nice person, so i'd be interested in seeing what a class of her own design, that wasn't taught at an ungodly hour, was like.