Literature of the Southern Cone

Jan 2012

Brilliance. Sheer brilliance. OK - granted, Professor MacAdam isn't too big on the concept of discussion (No offense, that's probably for many a good reason..."How do you spell 'Kant'?...oy) AJMA is a true scholar of the humanities -- despite specializing in Hispanic Literatures, and translating many novels published during the "Boom era," through taking both of his courses in English (CompLit) and Spanish (Literatura del cono de sur), it has become more than obvious that this man has acquired an inordinate amount of knowledge to share over the course of his career in academe (and yes, I just used the word 'academe'). From 19th century gardening practices in England to the details about Lugones life in the pampas, the scope and depth with which Prof MacAdam shares his knowledge with his students is truly EXTRAORDINARY. The man is virtually a walking encyclopedia. But a really sweet encyclopedia at that! Go to his office hours--email drafts of your essays--complain about Barnard/Columbia--WHATEVER--he is one, if not THE, sweetest person I have ever had the privilege of meeting at this university, and can attest that he will go to great lengths to help his students excel -- from coursework to beyond. He is an extraordinary man, and I encourage anyone (with patience) to take a course with him. And in all fairness about the discussion comment below regarding the Novella Class...I don't exactly know how one is supposed to conduct a class-discussion in a course that has over 30 registered students. Correct me if I'm wrong, but that seems difficult/pointless? MacAdam is, quite simply, magic.

Dec 2003

Professor MacAdam is the best. He's slightly intimidating because he's so obviously brilliant and knows what he wants from the students, but he is funny and fantastic. He has great things to say about the books and really great connections to make. Each class, he goes over the previous night's reading so it is all very clear (even if Spanish is not your native language and Borges is a bit confusing!). He demands a lot and asks for class participation, but he is really wonderful. He adds personal anecdotes and bits of outside information to make every lecture great. I'm only bummed he's not teaching undergraduates next semester!