Theater and Society

Dec 2010

Basically, he's super friendly, flamboyant, and enthusiastic. He probably the most animated professor i've ever had. When he explains something, he also runs around the room, gesticulating and hopping up on the table. It's actually a bit scary sometimes because he's not exactly young and his eyes sight is infamously bad. I never went to office hours but from what I heard, he's always willing to answer questions and explain anything you don't understand. I would say, however, that he doesn't tend to dominate discussions more than necessary. I wish he's let students talk a bit more. Also, i felt that we had to write about the same topic over and over and over, which was really boring.

Jan 2004

Crazy. Amy Trumpetter is one of the most disorganized, unapproachable, and unhelpful professors in existence. Did I mention that she's crazy? She'll stare off into space as if something catches her eye, but nothing is there. Also note that this class is nothing like the course description. It claims to tackle concepts of theatre as it relates to society, but is truly nothing more than a nonsensical sequence of puppet shows and poorly-acted scenes...and not the fun kind of puppet show. You do have to get up on stage for this class. I like acting, and I still despised most of these exercises. The other teachers, Denny & Steve, are not so bad. Denny attacks the class in a more conventional style and Steve is great at commedia, but doesn't really know how to instruct (he means well though). Just don't take the class.

Dec 2003

For all you wannabe Theater Majors, you'll think again after taking Theater and Society. The class boasts its three teachers and its diverse content, but don't be fooled. Denny Partridge teaches the first section of the course. She picks her favorites, calls on them all class and then listens to herself ramble. And ramble she does. Somehow she thinks the class is impressed by her pretentious theater vocabularly. In a typical class she will sit in front of the room and speak about form, action, and other words that sound theatrical, but really have little meaning. If you are up for taking a class with a pretentious lady that teaches you little about theater or society, be my guest.