Ballet 3

Jan 2013

I personally can't understand the negative reviews this wonderful professor has gotten. I have grown exponentially over the past semester in her class; my (awful) turnout has improved, i've learned so much helpful and important ballet vocabulary and my feet finally have caught up with the petit allegros I used to stumble through. I typically have a harder time picking up sequences, but she always repeats the instructions at least a second time so I feel more confident when the exercise begins. Her classes are always well structured and patterned so midway through the semester you know what to expect. She's very sweet and responds when reached out to! A lovely class

Dec 2003

Katie is probably the most caring teacher at Barnard. She honestly and sincerely cares about the well-being of her students. Her class is very step-by-step, and she makes sure to answer every question thoroughly. Many times she even brought in pictures of dancers for us to see correct and incorrect placement. There was a range of skill in this class. Some more advanced students take it to work on small things like turnout and extensions, and less advanced students take it just to dance. I highly recommend Katie...