Plant Physiology

May 2005

Professor Shepard is very dedicated to teaching and will try to make the material accesible and painless. She makes herself very available outside of class. However...the work assigned isn't the most interesting, especially if you're not a plant person. Biweekly problem sets make the course feel kind of like high school bio classes. Her exams are pretty good, though, and don't require that you read much of the text book to do well.

Dec 2003

I took this class not particularly interested in plants, but wanting to avoid taking Animal Phys for my major requirement. What a great class! Shepard is the newest member of the faculty and obviously wants to make sure everyone is comfortable with the material. All lectures are Powerpoint, but she prints them out ahead of time and gives them out in class. The handouts are helpful but don't replace the textbook -- you'll need to study both for exams. She's also incredibly easy to approach and will answer any question you might ask, including subjects that have nothing to do with the material-at-hand.

Sep 2001

Professor Ammirato is a wonderful teacher and person. He clearly loves what he does - not only his life's work with plants, but teaching what he knows to others. He is an easy person to get along with and is always available. His exams and homework assignments are fair, along with his grading style. Although he is very understanding and accomodating, don't expect to get away with anything you didn't deserve. Overall, his kind personality makes plant physiology a desirable course, even for those clammering to get into animal physiology.