The Immigrant Experience

Dec 2003

I completely agree with the other reviewer. Prof. Sanchez has tons of real-life experience; he is very active in local government in jackson heights, which is "ground zero" for immigration, and is himself the child of Colombian immigrants (a fact he doesn't let you forget). His lectures are completely disorganized (he once repreated almost the same lecture two classes in a row), and while he himself is knowlegable regarding the subject matter, he has a difficult time conveying anything beyond buzzwords such as "transnationalism" and "globalization." We got through only a portion of the syllabus and it was never really clear which readings were expected for which class. However, by doing the extremely lengthy and mostly soporific readings (a must in order to write the midterm and final exams), a came away with a greater understanding of the topic and what the professor had been trying to convey. Sanchez is personable and often humorous, but unfortunately, these traits do not make him an effective teacher. This class is not without merit, but I don't think I'd take it again knowing the amount of work it entails.