BC 1001 Statistics

May 2013

One of the most straightforward classes I've ever taken. She explains everything very clearly and often let us out of class early. She's also really charming and tells wonderful stories every now and then. You do not have to go to recitation most weeks and even if you do it is NEVER two hours long. Don't bother buying the textbook, her notes are more than enough. The TAs were also really helpful. Exams are open note. If you understand the problem sets, you'll get an A on the exams. She never tries to trick you.

Oct 2012

Julie Patterson is by far the nicest, clearest professor I've had in college. She is so smart and knows the material well. She wants to hear student feedback and wants the students to do well. She is incredibly friendly and outgoing, and understands that psych majors are taking this class to understand psych articles so she tailors the class to that group. The tests were all open notes, and the homeworks weren't too difficult. If you put the work in, you will get an A. Julie is awesome. Take her class!

May 2011

This is the class to take to get rid of the Quantitative Reasoning requirement of the 9 Ways if you freak out when faced with numbers. (That would be me.) (Seriously, I count following the model of "one, two, many, lots.") The notes are comprehensible, Zahner will go over a concept as many times as you need to understand it, the tests come back fast and annotated, and basically if I had not taken this, I suspect I would've had to fall on my sword and die.

Jan 2010

She's awesome- enough said. Professor Zahner is engaging and entertaining (often sharing personal experiences) while teaching what could be, given the subject, a very boring class. Slides are made available in advance, Professor Zahner types the notes into her projected slides as she lectures, textbook is NEVER used (didn't open mine), and tests are open notes- lectures/hws/etc.. Also, weekly "lab" is used to complete homeworks that require SPSS. Professor Zahner stays around during the weekly lab period to answer any questions about the homework or lectures, but is most easily reached by email for questions during the week (usually replies within a few hours, if not sooner). Zahner's class had a relaxed vibe which she echoed in her open note test policy, cancellation of afternoon Wednesday before Thanksgiving day class, and movement of third exam to the last day of class (instead of the second to last slot of finals week).

Dec 2003

I love this woman! As someone who has avoided math for the past 2 years of college, I don't know what I would've done without Professor Kenny. She is patient, intelligent, and well-organized. She tells you exactly what she expects you to know on each test and encourages you to ask questions. She even gives out her home phone number before tests. Her lectures were always helpful and informative and clearly planned. She also has a sense of humor, which helps in a math course, and shows a genuine interest and enthusiasm for statistics that's not overbearing. I think I actually LIKE stats now, and I really don't enjoy math. If you must take statistics, take it with Professor Kenny.