V1101-V1102 Elementary Spanish

Apr 2021

When you first take this class, you are going to think that it is the end of the world, because, I admit, Romero is difficult to understand before you get used to her, and, as some of the other reviews have pointed to, her assignments can often be confusing. However, I still learned a lot in this class and I genuinely really like her and she cares so much about her students. Much more than the average professor does. So, in short, I'd recommend it. Take the class and put in the effort, it is for sure worth the time.

Apr 2021

just coming on to confirm in 2021 that yes Jose is just as awesome as all these reviews say, I promise. I loved class with him. my only regret is that this is the only class he teaches :( I would take every class this man taught if there were more. I'm genuinely sad my time in this class has ended, but ill smile because it happened. if you're looking to take Spanish for whatever reason, this is the guy to take it with. even if you're not looking to take Spanish, you should still consider taking this class.

May 2019

If you can't get into Irene Alonso Aparicio's course, take him. He's sooooo chill and fun to have. Very relatable and understanding. You won't feel pressured if you're spanish isn't perfect, he's super understanding and will take the time to personally help you out. Adrian is soooo underrated and doesn't believe he's a good professor but he is. Cons: He doesn't post powerpoints until the chapter is finished so you cant follow along with the slides, have to take notes. Take him!

Dec 2017

Professor Pons Coll was a great professor. Her class was engaging and interesting and she made every effort to create a fun environment for her students. There was no useless information taught and I never felt like I was given busy work.

Dec 2017

Diana Romero is a terrible teacher. Honestly one of the worst Spanish professors I have ever seen. I think my Spanish skills may have actually become worse while taking her course. If Diana likes you then you are set- she will grade more leniently for you and treat you with respect. This being said, even if she likes you there is still no guarantee that you will get an A, or do well. However, if Diana doesn't like you, then you can completely rethink getting that easy A in Spanish. If she does not like you, then she will be rude to you in class, and in her emails when you email asking her for clarification, and she will give your grade no slack. She also is not very willing to meet with you outside of class for extra help, and when you do meet with her, she only will meet with you for about 5-10 minutes. Diana cannot explain grammar. She expects you to just know how to do the work and grammar straight off the bat. This is an elementary level course, so please explain to me how anyone people in this course should be as fluent as Diana thinks you are. She speaks only in Spanish in class, which makes sense as it is a Spanish class; however its an elementary 2 class, so she needs to understand that students will not understand everything she says in Spanish. And when you ask her to repeat or clarify because you don't know what she says, she will just keep repeating it in Spanish and not speak in english to you. She also gives an absurd amount of work and a group project. The directions for the project are extremely vague and confusing, and she grades the project very harshly. She also gives homework in the Grammar text book and grades it very strongly for accuracy, even though she never get over it in class. Diana is awful, just plain awful. She is unwilling to help her students, rude and a terrible teacher.

Oct 2017

THIS WOMAN CANNOT TEACH AND THERE IS NO BETTER WAY TO SAY IT. I've watched people struggle in her class and she teaches as though she is unsure of herself. Who ever vetted this woman's teaching style needs to checked out. If you have no background in Spanish you will never survive!. She teaches straight out of a book that we all have as though we can't read. Keep in mind she never taught conjugations in the class once. ISNT THAT WHAT SPANISH IS ABOUT?

Apr 2015

I'm not sure why she has a silver nugget. She is very nice but her class is not. I'm not the best Spanish speaker but picked it up well enough to get an "A" in Spanish 1 but got a "C" in her class despite putting forth much more effort. She will post assignments sometimes hours before class and expect them to be completed. The projects she assigns are extremely confusing and of very little benefit. More often then not she replaces actually teaching the material with just having the class do exercises for an hour. If you enjoy a lot of busy work, sub-par teaching and getting bad grades then this is the class for you.

Nov 2014

I am taking Elementary I with her. She's an awesome professor, really genuine and pretty understanding about specific needs of students. I look forward to going to class daily to be honest, and despite having no knowledge of Spanish AT ALL before taking the class, I've managed to understand (and retain so much) in so little time. TAKE THIS CLASS

Mar 2013

Isaura is a wonderful professor. She is kind, sweet, funny, patient, and understanding. You can tell that she absolutely loves her job and is determined to help you learn the language. Her assignments are often fun and quirky. I wish I could take all four semesters with her. She is such an incredible person. She is always sympathetic to illness or other emergencies. She fully understand that life extends beyond 110th street. For A GS student like me, this is crucial. She is always willing to work with you as long as she knows the circumstances. Above all, her exercises and in-class practice really helps you learn the language. She makes the class fun, almost everyday. I believe this enjoyment is key to learning the language. If the class were boring or tense, I'd probably hate the language subconsciously. Isaura understands this and does her best to keep everyone fully engaged.

Dec 2001

This man must be the benevolent god every first year Spanish student searches for. He maintains a very high standard for what he wants you to learn; yet grades you easily and appreciates any effort you put forth. very easy on attendance, but his classes are so painless it would be a pity to skip them. emphasizes oral communication and comprehension over the nitty gritty grammatical aspects of the language, which is really what I personally wanted from the language (I'm no Cervantes). Plus, every Friday he brings in an amusing song from his collection of 80's Spanish music.

May 2001

Moody at times, Martha "Blumie" Bloomberg is quite lax. She sticks to her creed of giving students the benefit of the doubt (if you fail a test, there's always some sort of recourse), but don't talk to your neighbor during class!

Jan 2000

Took him in freshman year which also happened to be his first year of teaching. This man rocked!! He was funny, spontaneous and absolutely loved interacting with his students. Latecomers to class went around shaking everyone's hand and saying 'hola', and Daniel once did a handstand against the blackboard cos we dared him to. For the final oral exam, he performed a self-composed rap for us, posing as his bad-ass cousin from LA.

Jan 2000

Sarah is probably one of the best instructors I have had at this school. She is extremely organized and very passionate about teaching. Class time is packed with fun group activities. She is always available outside class to help students and I thoroughly recommend her class to any one who can take it.

Jan 2000

Professor Blumberg is the stereotypical "kind, old lady." She is very pleasant and understanding and sometimes even reminds me of my grandmother. She really loves the language and loves teaching it to her students. Sometimes, the class seems extremely rudimentary, but its pace is excellent if you don't expect a rigorous course and you are taking four other classes. In grading, she always gives students the benefit of the doubt.