Elementary Spanish I and II

May 2006

Prof.Falcon is the best! He is a funny, interesting, and overall amazing man. His classes are not only enjoyable, but he really knows his stuff. If you have the chance to take a class with this professor, do not let it go!

Aug 2004

Although it's true that Professor Blumberg's class is easy, and that she is very lax about things like homework and re-taking tests, it's because she has a very unique outlook on what her class should be for students: she actually wants them to learn! Professor Blumberg is very understanding of the fact that her students have heavy workloads, and that her class does not always take top priority, but that doesn't mean she doesn't expect them to work in her course as well. She gives students every opportunity to succeed, making herself available to them outside of class and allowing students to make up quizzes and tests, and shows genuine concern for their stress levels and personal lives, if you choose to talk to her about it. There is literally no excuse not to do well in this class. Do the assigned work, even though it's not always checked; she often pulls quiz and test questions directly from the assignments.

Dec 2003

Carlos believes that a student in his class should truly learn Spanish, not just complete some workbook exercises and answer questions based on some tape-recorded Spanish quiz. He is great because he does not collect homework and will allow you to miss a few classes without penalizing you in the gradebook. He also dressed up for Halloween, and on every friday would bring in Spanish music so that we could identify the words.