Climate System

Jan 2008

Easy class. Very boring. Well intentioned, bland teaching that is not well coordinated. Long labs. It's hard to get a good grade because the classes and homeworks are 90% useless. You really have to be a trooper to pick out that 10%. It's a fundamentally bad idea to have three experts split up an intro level class. They sometimes overlap, sometimes lack cohesiveness, and just generally don't have enough time in front of a class to get their stuff together.

May 2007

This was an amazing class, though there is alot of work involved. The thing is, when you are learning about things you enjoy then you actually want to do the work. I didn't have a science background apart from high school chem and physics coming into this class, but I didn't find it a problem. The emphasis of this course was on the big picture and we weren't really required to memorize alot of formulas or do alot of computation (there were 2 or 3 homeworks with some computation - non on the exams). If you get the concepts and how they relate to each other then you will be fine. The first half of the course is harder than the second, but you come out of that class feeling like you really learned alot and have a good working knowledge of the climate system. I had Mingfang Tang, Peter Schlosser and Pfirman as teachers, and they were all great. The labs were sometimes frustrating, with vague or redundant questions, but overall they were helpful. I would recommend this class to anyone interested in the subject.

Dec 2003

Sidney Hemming is an exceptiona professor and an incredible individual. She goes above and beyond to explain her material, contextualize it, explain its relevance to current research, etc. She also does not loose sight of the larger science issues that complicate climate. Highly recommend