Physics Lab

Feb 2006

I have to agree with the previous review. Azfar is clear and concise. He explains everything from beginning to end in a very logical manner. As a lab TA he won't just tell you what to do but he'll also tell you WHY you're doing it. He's hard report grader but the curve makes up for it in the end. He'll also give you a one day extension if you ask for it but not more than that, which I like because so many TA's let other students hand in reports at the end of the semester. Unfortunately, most of those students ended up doing their labs during FINALS week. Overall, I wish Azfar was my physics professor freshmen year.

Nov 2004

Oleg is an excellent lab instructor. He gave informative lectures before the lab that highlighted key points we needed to know throughout the lab. He always answered all of our questions and was both knowledgeable and friendly. He makes a boring lab as painless as possible. The major frustrations (too long labs, poorly written instructions, etc...) with 1200 P. lab come from poor structuring of the course, not from the lab instructors.

Nov 2004

I completely disagree with the previous two reviews of Oleg. I feel that he really cares that we fully understand what we are doing in the lab and he does grade fairly. It generally took me close to the full 3 hours to finish the lab, but why shouldn't it - that is the time that the course is alotted - I was rarely was pressed for time even though I stayed the full 3 hours. In addition, I rarely went to physics lab library to prepare - the maximum amount of times I went was 2 and it was only to glance at the experiment for a few minutes. Furthermore, the TAs in the lab were very unhelpful as opposed to Oleg, who explained the concepts well in the lecture. Overall I was very satisfied with Oleg and thought that I learned a lot from the course.

Nov 2004

This TA also treated me with thinly veiled contempt. Take another TA. He's not helpful in explaining things.

May 2004

This TA is the phoniest one I have ever seen in my life. In my opinion, he has a very friendly camouflage in the class, but once he finds out that you are discussing lab reports with your partner, your final grade in that course will be around C- or F. Just think twice when you meet that guy in your class, how could you avoid discussing how to write a lab report with your lab partner? He thinks that independent report work can be carried on after dependent lab work.