Intro to earth science

May 2006

Sid is by far the best thing to happen to the science requirement at Columbia. She's full of life, incredibly knowledgable and adorable! Not only is she genuinely interested in helping you understand the material but she's very flexible and extremely understanding. Take Earth Science with Sid and you'll be thrilled that you did.

Dec 2003

The first review is entirely correct. I also never knew what to study. You try to take notes in class but he says nothing important. The final and midterm are very diffcult, you must use all the information which you have learned in class plus your own analysis. Although I would go into the midterm knowing nothing about what he wanted i came out with a very high grade. My best advice when it comes to his section of a test...bullshit you whoel way will find yourself entirely suprised to get full credit fro an answer that you did not know. An addditional note is tat anderson teaches this calsss with another senior professor named mutter who is extremly systemic. Also in some ways it si not nessary for you to coem to class but in other ways it is. One's grade is evaluated entirely on the midter and final. Attendance is never taken. The pluses of this class is that you are being taught bya senior professor. the negatives is taht it is very easy to not want to attend classes and fall behind i the reading.