Dec 2003

Professor Aguilar is quite unique. She is amazingly intelligent. She frequently, for instance, recites entire poems from memory when she is reminded of them by the class discussion. She certainly knows the material, and is not afraid to display this immense knowledge. Often, she talks too much in class, and somewhat disturbs the class discussion. She is, though, pretty interesting, so it's not too bad. The stories you read in class are generally good. Really the only bad part of the course was that Prof. Aguilar ocassionally decided to give lectures about the history of hispanic literature. These lectures were boring, and often hard to understand. In general, Professor Aguilar is a good teacher. She has office hours for several hours every single day, so she is readily available for extra help. She grades fairly, but does give a pretty large amount of work. Although she can certainly be intimidating, she is a kind person.