Chem I

Apr 2007

Really great chem I professor. His lectures are interesting, his tests are fair and as long as you go over the lecture slides, you really don't need to read the text.

Dec 2005

i didnt believe people when they said Katz would be an easy A...all throughout the semester I felt I would be getting a B+ at best scoring 5 pts above the the low 80s...until the final and I somehow got an A in the class.... so this is not reflective of everyone's story (i know a lot of people who were surprised and disappointed with their grades) but i never went to lecture, stopped reading the textbook after the first exam(the textbook is horrible..). only things that helped me were my TA and his homeworks... he tends to be tricky on exams but it benefits those who really understand the basic concept, and hurt those who just memorized the mechanisms. and the final was surprisingly easy... if you are willing to work on your own to learn the material, take katz. i know so many people who took cornish and live to regret it...

Jan 2004

That was a horrible review! Michael is a great TA! If he doesn't know something it's because it's first level chem and he's doing in-depth lab research already. He was very accessable and always willing to answer questions. If he was uncertain of something, he would take his time to find the answer for you before the next class. If he's your TA, then you're in good hands. His classes aren't difficult, but they're not a joke or waste of time either.