Mechanical Engineering: From Micro Machines to Jumbo Jets

Dec 2013

Professor Myers was a good teacher. She explained things very clearly in class, provided a lot of examples ranging in difficulty, and her problems reflected applications in industry. Her midterm and non-cumulative final (i.e. a second midterm) aren’t super hard. The second one is easier because the material is easier and there is less material due to more guest lecturers. Thus, it’s nice that the second half of her class is more chill than the first, because most other courses are the opposite. I wouldn’t agree with other reviewers that you don’t need to study for the midterm and final. You should study for them, but you don’t need to study for them as much as, say, a physics midterm or final. Definitely study more for the midterm. The guest lecturers were usually quite interesting, and I think they added a lot to the course. The problem sets in this class aren’t too difficult but you still learn from them. Overall, I found this a helpful class for learning about mechanical engineering in a low stress environment. If you are unsure about MechE, like myself, I would recommend this class in a heartbeat.

Jan 2013

Overall, Prof Myers was a great professor. She is always willing to answer any question you may have. Prof Myers basically does everything she can to give everyone an A because (1) she gives you the opportunity to use a cheat sheet during the midterm and final, (2) she makes her exams really easy, and (3) she is lenient when it comes to grading the final project that you have to do at the end of the semester. The class is a GPA booster, but you have to work for it. It helps if you've taken AP Physics B.

Dec 2011

Super Amazing teacher!! Her teaching method is clear and to the point. She writes copious notes on the board for a subject that is not too difficult. This class boost your GPA if you just pay attention, come to class, copy down her notes and refer back to them for problem sets. The midterm and exam are super easy. If you know the tiniest smidgeon of physics, you'll be golden. And if not, you'll still make an A if you put in a bit of effort. She also makes many tangents during class to her own research and world problems. While at first she may seem a bit conceited, you'll relaize that that assertiveness is what makes her a great teacher. She'll give it to you straight, and if you listen, you'll win.

Feb 2009

Ateshian is one of the most clear and concise professors I have ever had. The class was extremely easy - it could easily have been called Physics for Dummies. We began with concepts such as F=ma, and concepts never got harder than that. It was truly an introductory course. Ateshian went extremely slowly, spending multiple class lectures on very simple concepts such as vector addition, as if he were teaching 5th graders and not Ivy League students. His writing was very legible (probably because he went so slow and wrote down absolutely every step). He followed the book word for word, so there is really no need to go to class, but like I said, listening to his lecture, however boring, will spare you from having to read 30-40 pages of the book, since he basically paraphrased it for us. If you want an easy A from a very enjoyable professor, Ateshian is for you. I would definitely take him again.

Mar 2007

The person sitting next to me saw the title to the class as I typed it and said "That sounds like a cool class." That was my thinking too when I signed up for the class. Unfortunately, it was quite a disappointment. It was very equation-based and did not point to the greater picture of "how things work" as i had hoped. Much of the class is spent doing proofs that are much more complex than you are expected to know for the tests. I had a hard time staying awake. I found Kysar to be a very nice guy and not a poor teacher. It is just difficult to stay awake that early when the class consists of proofs. I have problem with the design of the course itself rather than the professor. I would recommend taking the pre-prof Engineering graphics course with Jose Sanchez instead.

Dec 2004

This is one of the nicest people I have ever met. He will do anything to help students out, very approachable and his door is always open. He is very eager to teach and share his vast knowedge with you. On the other hand, the course isn't that interesting, so don't be fooled by the discription. You learn the mundain of mech eng, which will be much like your physics class. The homework is very difficult and will kill your weekend, and the lectures can be painfully dull. However it could be much worse.

Jan 2004

Overall, an interesting course. The topic and speaker change every week so you will probably be fascinated one week and bored to tears the next two. Everyone knows their stuff, but since the professors change it is almost impossible to get outside help unless you form a study group within the class. The indepth, last day of class tour of the mechanical engineering department makes everything worthwhile and will have you reconsidering mechanical engineering as a major even if you hated the course. Definately worth taking if you have any interest in mechanical engineering.